Dr. OZ’s 4 Belly Fat Reducing Supplements

Tired of your bloated belly?  Tired of solutions that never worked? Dr. OZ has got four belly blasting supplements that you can add to your diet to blast your belly fat. Every morning!

7-Keto: Boost your metabolism:

Dose: 100 MG in the AM & PM (By splitting the dose)

You can easily get them from health food stores

When your metabolism slows down, you belly fat automatically increases. When we age, the level of 7-Keto in our body drops resulting the slow metabolism and more fat. 7-Keto is the safest way to boost the metabolism in your body. It naturally pushes it back and helps convert fats into muscles.


7-Keto: See product at http://www.imedmart.com/NOW/7-Keto-174-100-mg/60-VCAPS.html

Forskolin Supplement: Burn your fat:

Forskoin is found in the herb plant that belongs to the mint family. It’s being used to cure heart trouble for thousands of years. It also helps your body to reduce fat by melting the fat cells. If you are looking forward to reduce the fat, Forskin is the best thing for you. Have 125MG if it in the morning and notice the change in yourself in matter of short time.


Forskolin: See product at http://www.imedmart.com/primaFORCE/Forskolin-50/Forskolin-50-60-00-ea.html

Caraway Seeds: Fight your bloating:

These seeds have been used with everything for centuries. From bread to cheese and related staple foods, these are extremely notorious. They also fix belly bloating naturally with rich vitamins and minerals. Caraway seeds are a great source to burn bad fat. It helps by eliminating the gas that keeps your belly hanging over your clothes. Bacteria in the guts change the food into gas; this is the reason why you look bloated. These seeds eliminate gas effectively. Have them after breakfast and every other meal that blots you – a handful of seeds after every meal would be suffice.


Caraway Seeds: See product at http://www.imedmart.com/Starwest-Botanicals/Organic-Caraway-Seed/1-lbs.html

Relora: Reduce Stress:

Stress is one of the biggest reasons that causes belly fat and bloating and gas in stomach. Relora is a supplement made by two plants used by Chinese for thousands of years to help promote relaxation. This helps regulate stress hormones called “cortisol” that can cause extra belly pound. This supplement melts away the belly fat by eliminating stress hormones that store the fat in your belly. Have 250MG, 3 times a day, 1 per meal and reduce the stress hormones – especially at night.


Relora: See product at http://www.imedmart.com/NOW/Relora-300-mg/60-vcaps.html

Reference: Link to Dr. OZ Show Belly Blaster Video

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